Intuitive Visionary Mastermind Session

In this session we'll define the outcomes you're looking for, get crystal clear clarity on your direction, look at details you may have blocking you, uncover any hidden influences we need to now about, and create a way forward to achieve the desired outcomes. You can soundboard your ideas, incubate creative innovation and get advice on various aspects of your business and current challenges.


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Private Intuitive Visionary Mastermind Session with Nicola Grace. Book now and get a spot before the Christmas holidays. Or save it for your New Year Power Blast.

Let's look at what 's not working and why?;

Happy Customers

“I have great experience working with coaches. I believe in coaching. What is unbelievable to me, I just had this session with Nicola Grace. Not knowing me very well she just changed my life, changed my business. I’ve been trying to figure out how to monetise my business so it’s win win for the world. And She just like an angel made this all happen for me. I see it, I know it, I feel it, I am embodied with what we just went through. I can tell you that I have had a lot of coaches and I’ve never had an experience like what I just had with Nicola. Nicola Grace is an amazing transformational coach. You’ll get more value in an hour than you can dream of having. – Barbarah Gummin, CEO The Life Coaching Connection 5

“Wow we blasted through a huge amount in my Business Oracle session with Nicola Grace. I greatly appreciated her insights, gifts and energy helping me move forward in my business. Nicola identified where I was stagnant and the steps I need to take to help me go to the next level and next level of income in my business. I now have valuable information on how to put my sales funnel and marketing together quickly. I also got great information of how I can leverage my business by creating a valuable product for clients. I have a clear strategy for reaching my financial goals. I also received some great direction on taking my business brand and positioning up a notch to attract more of the ideal clients I am looking for. I’m so happy and grateful I did this because now I feel excited and passionate about my business again. Nicola always adds such great value to your business. It’s simply a must.” Emily Miller, VA Business Owner

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